If you want to increase your knowledge about your fingernails read this article. Today we will tell you some interesting facts about your nails.

WHITE SPOTS ON YOUR NAILS: White nails o nail plate is an indication of calcium deficiency. The common myth is it is related to the lack of zinc from the body. Doctors say they do not indicate any specific vitamin deficiency. Some people have these white spots due to some kind of medical condition. But normally this is the sign of calcium deficiency.

THE RELATION BETWEEN YOUR NAIL AND HAIR: Our nails and hair are made of the same thing and that is the hard protein which is called keratin. You often see add on television saying use shampoos containing keratin for better hair growth. This is the same material that forms our nail as well. Doctors recommend eating a healthy diet for strong and long nails. Add antioxidants, green vegetables, different types of vitamins, protein in your diet and have healthy nails in a few days.

NAIL INDICATES YOUR INTERNAL HEALTH: A good dermatologist can tell you about your internal health just by examining nails. Nail discoloration is related to several health issues.

If you have yellow nails, white nails, swallow skin around nail etc consult your doctor immediately sometimes there are life-threatening disease indicate by your nail and due to the lack of knowledge you ignore these signs.

STRESS CAN DAMAGE YOUR NAILS: Yes, it is totally true that stress not only put the negative effect on your brain it also damage your nail. Because most of the people start biting their nails when they are under stress of any kind. This habit leads to fungal infection and causes damage to the nail plate and nail bed.


Any uncommon change in the color or shape of your nail indicates the problem related to your heart, liver, and lungs. Do not take it lightly consult your doctor right now if you notice any change in the structure of your nail pattern.

There are many other common problems related to the nails which we do not describe here some are related to the specific medical condition. But for the overall good health of nails, you need to make a good diet plan rich in vitamins, protein, minerals etc and also have to change your daily hygiene routine. Practice good hygiene habits, trim your nails on time, wash your hands with good moisturizing soap, use hand moisturizing cream and do not let your nails dry at any cost.

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