Growing plants indoors is not an easy task, first of all, you need to know everything about the plant which you are going to grow on your own. plants have different needs according to their breed. Some need more frequent water supplies while other need little care. Growing plant with the help of artificial light is harder and with the T5 grow lights you need to do extra work. Do some research and find out how many light cycles your plant need in a day. How much rest time it needs for better health? Etc. Below are the few tips which will help you to grow your plants with T5 grow lights Canada.


  1. The very first thing is to know the color of your light. This means you should buy those bulbs which have the rating of 3,000k. These are the bubs which are suited for every plant in early stages (blooming). more powerful bulbs you will need in further stages of growth. If you put your plant under the high-intensity light on its first stage this will destroy your plant so be careful while choosing the bulbs for grow lights.
  2. The next step is to give them good ventilation area. You can place them somewhere there is a good flow of fresh air. We advise you to install the best ventilation system if you have small grow rooms. We all know T5 grow lights do not produce enough heat but small spaces increase the chances of having a heat problem in the growing area. So understand the need of your plants and install a ventilation fan system to avoid an excess of heat.
  3. Ventilation is not everything, you need to put an eye on soil conditions too. T5 lights make the soil more dry very quickly. Which is not good for plants and you need to give more water in order to maintain the moisture level of the soil. There are some species which like to grow in dry soil while others like to live in wet soil.
  4. Choose the exact size but if you choose the big size no need to worry as the big size light does not put any negative effect on plants. You are just paying more money for the light which is big for your area.
  5. T5 light has a very good life. You only need 12 to 14 hours of continuous light for your pants and when they need rest and turn off lights. Plants also need to sleep which we call their rest time when they like to live without disturbance.
  6. The last question is how high you need to place your light. Normally 14 to 18 inches from the plant it also depends upon the breed of your plant. Too close will burn your plant and too far will not give any benefits.