How to catch big fish?

USE WOUNDED WORM: They like to eat wounded worms so it is a good idea to give them what they want and catch them at the end. Use wounded worms especially in shallow water

USE RED COLOR BAIT: Red color fool the fish and this is true I tried ti so many times and never fails to catch a big fish. Actually, when fish see red or pink bait they think bait is injured and an injured bait is easy for them to catch. So they attack the bait and you get a fish.

USE FILE: We use a file to sharpen our hooks every time we go fishing. This increases the chances of getting a fish. Sharp hooks go deep into the skin and fish cannot release them self from sharp hooks. Just one bite and they go inside them. Many types of hooks are available in the market choose according to your need.

FISH BEFORE STROM: It is best to fish before storm because they come to the surface and it is worst to fish after storm. Many fishes got killed when a storm hits.

Everybody has its own way of fishing sometimes one good trick is enough for whole life. it is not necessary every time when you go fishing will catch a fish it depends upon the luck. I know some lucky guys who always return with fish in their bags. I was wondering how they catch such big fish every time they go fishing. Then I start searching and come to the point where their secret is not a secret anymore.

I also met some experienced anglers they said fishing is game of luck nobody can predict whether you will catch or not but there are some tips and trick that increases the chances of getting big. Those are mentioned above. Apply them carefully and increase your chances of success.

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