4 Great Charleston Fishing Charter Services

Charleston is rich in history and is a great place to fish. They have several kinds of local fish and are knowledgeable in many kinds of fishing that you will only learn about in the south like shrimping. If you are considering a trip to South Carolina fishing in Charleston would be a great thing to experience. Let’s learn about four great Charleston fishing charters that will help you have an amazing fishing experience or even help you make some amazing family memories.


Charleston Outdoor Adventures


Charleston Outdoor Adventures is a wonderful fishing charter service that will lead you through the beautiful saltwater in Charleston. You will be inland fishing in either a kayak or a motorboat. You will catch fish local to Charleston including red drum, black drum, spotted sea trout, spot tail bass, redfish, flounder, sheepshead, and sharks. Your guide will make sure you catch a fish no matter what. This inland fishing experience would be a great way to share your Charleston fishing experience with your whole family.


Absolute Reel Screamer Charters


With their rich family history of fishing in Charleston since the 1700s, and the tour guideā€™s 35 years of fishing in Charleston you will be able to see many different amazing fishing sites. You will have a fun time viewing Dolphins, waterfowl, and other wildlife. They will also teach you how to shrimp, harvest oysters, and improved fishing methods. This is an amazing fishing charter located in Charleston, South Carolina.


Charleston Fish Rod Bending Company


This is a great all in one charter fishing service. They are perfect for fishers of any age, or experience level. You will be guided through your option of deep sea, shark, or inshore fishing. They also supply you with all the bait, tackle and equipment you will need. They will also assist you in getting your fishing license. If you want to fish without a lot of planning, or even no planning at all this would be a great fishing charter for you.

Fish On Fire Charters is an amazing fishing charter. They will how to fish with artificial bait, and fly fishing. You can learn this no matter what level of a fisher you are. With artificial bait, you can cast more and find fish instead of waiting for them. With live bait, you can catch fish like grouper, snapper, and cobia. Both of these fishing options will give you a great adventure. This is an amazing Charleston fishing charter. They offer fishing services in Both Florida and the North Carolina Smoky Mountains. In North Carolina, they will teach you how to fly fish. No matter where you charter Fish On Fire Charters you are sure to have a great adventure.



If you are planning a trip for Charleston fishing would be an amazing activity to do. These fishing trips are great for all levels depending on the activity so this would be great for families or even adventure seekers. These four charter services all offer great guides, fishing action, and the beautiful Charleston shoreline. If you are considering a trip to South Carolina you should consider booking one of these great Charleston fishing charters.